CTDA Membership

The Custom Tailors and Designers Association has two classifications of membership:

Merchant members are tailors or clothiers who sell direct to the public.

Associate members are suppliers to the merchants, for example: fabrics, cut, make and trim, ties, accessories, packaging, etc.

Dues are $375.00/year and are based on the calendar year, January-December.

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“After being a member for over 35 years, I realized that my business grew and matured as a result of my association with CTDA.  My closest friends and best customers have come from my years as proud member of the CTDA!  You learn something each and every time you attend a meeting or convention.” – Gordon Goldstein, GRM International, New York, NY

“When I came to the CTDA over 15 years ago, not only was I early in my first year in the industry, I did not know one person or supplier in the entire organization.  Since then, every positive change in my business, from name and structure to suppliers and styles, has been a direct result of my membership in the CTDA.  And whenever I have needed assistance of any type, the relationships I have developed in the Association have always been there to support me.  In business today, one can hardly ask for more.”  – Bruce Zuckerman (Zuckerman & Associates, San Francisco, California)

“A very warm, heartfelt thank you to all of my friends and colleagues of the CTDA. Without a doubt, I owe a large portion of my success to my membership in this prestigious organization. I never come away from a gathering of my peers, knowing less than I did the day before. Congratulations on our success, and looking forward to our continued prosperity and growth for the future.” – Butch David (Lawrence David Custom Apparel, New York, NY

“I’d been in the custom Clothing business for 28 years, working for large company when I went out on my own. I knew the front end of the business very well, but after my first convention taking the business class in 2000, I realized that I needed to reorganize the “behind-the-scenes” part of it. I came home closed for a week and made the changes I’d just learned. Well, I’m still standing 9 years later, and now my business is by referral only.” – Paco Fernandez (Custom Clothier, Indiana)