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Contact us by Mail:
CTDA Headquarters
229 Forest Hills Road
Rochester, New York 14625

Contact us by Telephone, Fax, or Email:
D-D Lazenby, Executive Director
Direct: 888-248-2832
Fax: 866-661-1240
Email: info@ctda.com

For media questions, advertising or affiliate opportunities, please contact:

D-D Lazenby, Executive Director: 888-248-2832

Our History

The Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA) is the oldest continuously running trade organization in the United States. Founded in 1880 in Columbus, Ohio, it was established as a venue through which ideas and techniques for design, pattern making, fitting, cutting and tailoring could be shared and exchanged.

Over 135 years later, the organization continues to thrive thanks to the demand for high-quality custom clothing, a demand that is ever on the increase as consumers everywhere seek customization in many aspects of their lives. CTDA members can address those needs not only with custom suits but with custom shirts, trousers, and accessories as well.

Valued associate members provide goods and services including fabrics, cut make and trim, tailoring, accessories, and tools vital to its members. An accredited educational program is available to members and those seeking to join the CTDA.

Today the membership includes distinguished master tailors, designers, custom clothiers and direct sellers, who create fine custom clothing for discerning clients throughout the United States. Locate one of our members on the Find a Tailor page.